Manufacturing Fund

South Africa’s manufacturing industry

The South African manufacturing sector contributed 15.2% to South Africa's GDP in 2013, making it the third-largest contributor to the nation's economy. Manufacturing is dominated by industries such as agro-processing, automotive, chemicals, information and communication technology, electronics, metals, textiles, clothing and footwear. Below is a very brief snapshot of these industries. Agro-processing This industry spans the processing of fre...

Wide-ranging skills aid survival in the building business

La Fleur's wide-ranging skills built up throughout his career has enabled him to survive the ups and downs of the construction industry. Leon La Fleur When you start wielding a welding rod at the age of nine, you are pretty much destined for a career of building things, as the life of Leon La Fleur attests. The reason he remembers how young he was when he started welding, says La Fleur, was that he got arc eyes, a painful condition caused by the...

Ten financial management tips for tough times

Business Partners Limited data gathered over years of working with South Africa’s business owners tell a fascinating story about business survival. Figures compiled by Business Partners Limited regional general manager Anton Roelofse show that 34% of businesses failures are caused by poor financial management. Add to that the 12% that fail because of poor record keeping, and it becomes clear that almost half of all business failures could have ...