General FAQ

The Business Partners Limited offering

What does Business Partners Limited offer?

Business Partners Limited offers financing to viable small and medium enterprises. The finance offered is tailor made to suit the circumstances of each applicant.

Does Business Partners Limited have group focus areas?

Although all viable SME will be considered for financing, a special effort is made to promote and establish businesses run by females and black entrepreneurs.

In which industry sectors does Business Partners Limited invest?

Business Partners Limited invests in commercial and manufacturing sectors as well as the service industries. The sectors in which the group invests include manufacturing, property projects, retailing, the motor trade, travel and tourism, leisure and marine fishing.

In which industries does Business Partners Limited not invest?

On-lending activities, farming (primary agriculture) operations, underground mining, informal or micro enterprise, and the financing of non-profit organisations are all specifically excluded.

In what kind of businesses does Business Partners Limited invest?

Business Partners Limited invests in start-ups, expansions, buying of businesses, management buy-outs and franchises.

Generally facilities are considered where gross assets are under R100 million, where turnover does not exceed R200 million per annum and/or employees are less than 500 in number.

Does Business Partners Limited offer value-adding services?

A pool of 300 mentors, who can assist in a range of services, is available to clients, potential clients and the public. Some examples of the type of assistance offered are marketing, financial management and technical assistance.

What makes Business Partners Limited different from banks and financial institutions offering investment financing?

Firstly, Business Partners Limited is a specialised investment group for small and medium enterprises in South Africa. Entrepreneurs are the company’s exclusive focus and, as such, it is able to offer products and services specifically tailored to meet their unique needs.

Secondly, Business Partners Limited has been investing in entrepreneurs since 1981 and offers both investment and added-value solutions, catering for the entrepreneur every step of the way.

Most importantly, Business Partners Limited is a viability-based investment company and does not have the same security and other requirements that the commercial banks do.

Other factors that make Business Partners Limited different include:
  • As Business Partners Limited specialises in investing in entrepreneurs, its people have in-depth knowledge of the small and medium enterprise sector, as well as experience of and insight into the challenges facing independent businesses;
  • Business Partners Limited’s range of investment and added-value services provide an integrated solution for entrepreneurs, catering for all aspects of their needs.;
  • Added-value services include property broking, property management, consulting and mentorship. Business Partners Limited is a one-stop business shop for small and medium enterprises;
  • Every Business Partners Limited client is assigned a business advisor, who is dedicated to providing professional advice and superior client service on an on-going basis;
  • The company’s risk financing model is regarded as one of the most innovative in the world and has even been presented at World Bank conferences as a potential model for use in other developing countries;
  • Similarly, the Business Partners Limited due diligence process is thorough, tried and tested, often exposing the extent of inherent risk in a deal;
  • Business Partners Limited’s systems and processes have earned the group ISO 9001:2000 accreditations – the first investment company in the country to be accredited in this way;
  • Business Partners Limited believes that people are its real business and is committed to investing in entrepreneurs in every sense of the word. By doing this, the company believes that it will not only create individual wealth, but also fuel the growth of the economy and the creation of jobs.

Does Business Partners Limited consider venture capital and private equity?

Yes. To learn more about the Business Partners Limited Venture Fund click here.