What you need to apply

When you start your application for finance you will need to submit a business plan, after which you will meet with an investment officer for a free initial consultation.

Your application will be assessed on the viability of your business, your integrity, drive and experience, as well as your ability to manage a successful independent enterprise. Should your application be approved, we will develop a customised investment and added-value solution for you and your business.

Capital and security are not necessarily required for an application to be accepted, as the deals are individually structured according to your needs. We only accept applications for financing of viable owner managed businesses between US$ 50 000 to US$ 1 000 000, paid out in local currency.

What are the key factors Business Partners looks for in a successful business plan?

  • A comprehensive breakdown of what needs to be financed;
  • The entrepreneur’s own contribution;
  • Up-to-date financials and realistic projections that present a viable business as a going concern (if it’s an existing business);
  • Providing the viability of the transaction, ability to meet all cash flow commitments (debt repayment, creditors and other cash expenses) and to generate a decent and acceptable return to the shareholders;
  • Demonstrating that all aspects relating to a successful business have been considered (including human resources, marketing, finance, technical, production and corporate governance);
  • Demonstrated regulatory compliance (tax affairs must be in order, for example);
  • Demonstrating the ability and experience of managers and key staff to successfully implement and manage the business into the future;
  • Basing all intentions and forecasts in the business plan on reasonable assumptions, supported with relevant documentation as far as possible;
  • Documenting all information in the business plan. The business plan should be a single document, comprising all elements as per the guide and key factors mentioned.

A guide to writing a business plan can be found under our resources & articles section. The business plan can be emailed to us at enquiries@businesspartners.co.ke or delivered to our offices.

Alternatively, you are welcome to submit a finance enquiry online and one of our investment officers will contact you.

Applications are considered in all sectors of the economy with the exception of on-lending activities, direct farming operations, underground mining and non-profit organisations.

Please note, applications for financing below US$ 50 000 are usually not considered, and we do not operate in the informal or micro-enterprise sectors.